This transhumanist hypothesis presents an alternative look at the history of mankind along with the latest scientific findings of our reality, providing a step-by-step framework to thrive the consciousness of humanity.


    revisiting mankind history


    65 million years ago the first humanoid species evolved from reptiles and inhabited certain areas of the Earth, known as the Garden of Eden, or Hyperborea (Υπερ βορεία), a flat earth land whose entrance has been pointed to be located under Mont Meru of the Artic Pole by mythical geographers.


    Further in time, about 1,5 million years ago, the Annunaki (Sumerian texts) or Elohim (Biblical texts) descended to the Earth, probably from the constellation of Lira, and genetically manipulated the hominid DNA, creating a new species. It has been largely accounted that this hominid humanoid species were genetically altered to have limited access to their consciousness.


    “When man began to multiply on the face of the land and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that the daughters of man were attractive. And they took as their wives any they chose. Then the Lord said, “My Spirit shall not abide in man forever, for he is flesh: his days shall be 120 years. The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of man and they bore children to them. These were the mighty men who were of old, the men of renown.” (Genesis 6, 1-5)


    The reptilian beings native from the planet (sons of God) were, until certain extend, genetically compatible with the new hominid breed created, (daughters of man) and interbreed with them.


    According to ancient texts in which the bible is based upon, this is the original sin, and how "the serpent" (wisdom) invited these hominid men to try the fruit from the tree of the good & evil, acquiring therefore the knowledge, and so a higher level of self-consciousness, loosing the "innocency" (limitations they were created with), by mixing with them. According to many early stories, this antediluvian world was inhabited by giants, the Nephilim. These early hybrids were larger and lived for centuries, but that genoma was eventually lost, to become the 120 years as maximum longevity of current mankind. This interbreeding was also "punished" with painful childbirth (mammal) and brought "enmity" between the two kind of offsprings. They were also banned from the physical or espiritual presence of God, and expelled from the harmony and perfection of the Garden of Eden (most likely Hyperborea).


    The offspring separated into two different lineages, the one of Cain, the unrighteous, the fallen ones, and the lineage of Set, the righteous one, described to have kept in contact with their creator. Later in time, perhaps as a punishment to mankind misbehavior as accounted by over 230 different cultures a major catastrophe erased most lifeforms from the face of the Earth.


    The sudden movement of large tectonic plaques reshaped the land, creating great floods, or a universal deluge, what was followed by a glaciation period. Scientists understand that this worldwide geologic event could have happened in just one year, according to water marks and fossils left behind, dating it from about 8.000 to 18,000 years ago. This event might have destroyed the ancient civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria, and its colonies, in "one single day of misfortune".


    multidimensional reality

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    bringing consciousness to higher dimensions


    Living on the planet or living on the matrix

    Humanity Unity is a very difficult undertaking, but essential for our consciousness evolution into higher dimensions. We can only unite through the planet Earth, because it is the only thing we have in common in a planet with such a diversity, Gaia is the great unifier. Humanity has forgotten to listen to the planet and to the collective. The only thing such a diverse humanity has in common is that we all live on planet Earth. People need to move to the feelings of the planet, go back to their primitive self, put their bare feet on the sand, look at the sun and feel the breeze. Once people deeply recognize that the planet is the source of life, and so they will care for the planet, unified and so the planetary shift can happen. Most people today do not live in the planet, but in the matrix, they separate themselves from the people and from the planet, and that is why they do not care for the planet, because they do not live on it. That matrix will break and fall apart eventually with the light that will strike the Earth. However, those grounded on the body of Gaia, the beings that deeply love the Earth, those that are conscious about it will be safe, and will be able to stay on the planet, take in the light because that is where they have always been. We are a chunk of Earth that , then we will be remembering and awakening, and realize this planet needs our help and feel responsible about it. Love Gaia.


    We are all one with the whole

    Transmutational process of the Earth can only happen after a healing process of the human being, moving into sharing and remembering who we are, and reconnect with the whole. The majority of humanity needs to stand up against fear and injustice, which seems will only happen after extreme happens. Only then they could get the assistance from other beings, because it is a free willing planet. We denying and accept the higher dimensional being that we all are. The power within will then take over. The power over others is a low frequency of consciousness as a system has put a big part of society in a serving position. Our planet has a larger diversity and therefore it is quite an undertaking to feel the necessary sense of unity. It is all about majorities, it will happen when humanity is able to love humanity enough, following the light of love. Moving from me to we. Together as one, because we are one.


    Moving into the here and now

    Humanity has the doors to the 4th and 5th Dimension open as long as we learn to transcend the illusion of time. As long as people think in time, we will be stocked in the 3rd dimension. Once we transcend time we can reach that other dimensions of consciousness that are not bound to time.



    Planetary energy shift

    In order to receive the light, the light inside of you brings fear as a symptom of moving into a new territory. As Gaia is moving into their darkest night, humanity is also feeling that fear. It is a big change, we have not been prepared for this change, is new and we have not seen it before. Some messages say that the strike of light hitting the Earth will transcend the planet and mankind to higher dimensions, but will destroy the matrix and those that live on it and not on the planet itself.


    media resources

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    "After a great flood swept the land, Gods came down again"

    Dated 1827 BC. Irak

    Science & Great Flood

    Geologic, tectonic & paleo-biologic proofs of the event.

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    Advanced human civilization


    reference terminology

    Hominid Human

    Blood type 0 Rh negative - Also called Hyperborian blood, Atlantis blood or Snake blood

    DNA is a permanent template for the production of proteins, and unique, while blood group proteins are made from the DNA templates and share among other people. Blood cells don’t have a nucleus containing DNA. Blood type A, B and AB have antigens (A or B), while 0 has none. Having Rh factor would be considered positive, and the lack of Rh factor, negative. Even though blood types statistics vary much from place to place, about 85% of general population are Rh+ while Rh- represents only 15% of the population, from which a 7% would be 0 Rh-, the universal donor, whose blood is compatible with all other types, but can only receive from their own type. Mothers with Rh- blood type treat their Rh+ baby cells as a foreign substance, creating antibodies that would kill the baby's red blood cells, leading to miscarriage or to her own death if baby's blood entered her blood stream due to some abnormality. Even though it can be resolved vaccinating the mother with a Rh inmune-globuling, there is a clear natural incompatibility when mixing the blood Rh- with Rh+. Monkeys have Rh factor (Rh+), so the lack of Rh factor (Rh-) could track back to pre-hominid blood type of earlier ancestors, non-altered genetically and perhaps therefore with a higher access to consciousness. Some theories relate this blood gene to the hyperborean race, which is considered to be the original human race before any genetic manipulation, and could be the people who inhabited the ancient land of Atlantis. It might be the oldest kind of blood on the Earth, with the highest grouping of people who have Rh-negative blood live in the Basque area of Spain with a high 30% of its population. Rulers from different periods have justified their right to rule because of descending from the serpent god (Chinese emperors), and some theories say this might be the reason why certain groups, such as the Pharaohs, Hebrews, Royalty and Aristocrats from all over the World, avoid interbreeding, to protect their "blue blood" line.

    Hybrid Reptilian - (also known as reptiloids, reptilians)

    Breed of humans who still carry along the DNA from the early saurians - humanoid reptiles evolved 65 million years ago -, along with the DNA of the breed of hominid humans who were brought into existence 1,5 million years ago as a genetic program performed by the Annunakis from Lyra. Even though good or bad actions are not innate to any species as such, hybrids carrying the non manipulated DNA string are in essence very close to nature, recalling their primal and long relationship with their planet Earth. They seem to have higher abilities to evolve their consciousness to higher dimensions as they still carry non-manipulated DNA.

    Saurian - (also known as Demon for their aspect)

    Breed of terrestrial beings who evolved from reptiles 65 million years ago. Even though they have been historically regarded as Satan, and demons for their aspect, they are guardians of nature of planet Earth and do not interfere with mankind. They are still living in the planet, but in the underworld flat land, known as Hyperborea, Atlantis, or Garden of Eden, whose entrance is thought to be in the North pole.

    Gaia - (also know as Earth)

    Living organism in the form of a free will planet what has been the jumping off plane for many different people.It is a planet of great diversity and therefore unity is a very difficult undertaking, but essential for our consciousness evolution into higher dimensions. We can only unite through the planet Earth, because it is the only thing we have in common, the only unifying force.

    Garden of Eden - (also know as Garden of God, Hiperborea, Hollow Earth)

    The Garden of Eden was first mentioned in the Sumerian poem of creation, the Enuma Elish, as a paradisiacal location which first humans inhabited. Euripides and Aristotle identify the Pillar of Atlas with this world-axis of the Pole Star. The Indian Astronomer Bal Gangadhar Tilak published in 1856 his resarch the Vedic of the North Pole.

    Galactic Federation (also known as the Galactics, Ascendent Masters or Masters of the Universe)

    Galactics are here to assist, but they cannot do it until a majority of humans request their help, as it is a free will planet and they cannot interfere unless requested. Eventually Humanity will need the Galactics help, so humanity will need move beyond the believe that humanity is they are the most evolve beings. They are beings in many higher dimensions, and they can fix our problems if the majority of us requests it. There is right now already a lot of help waiting for us to request it.

    Vrillion from Ashtar - See video here

    Ashtar Sheran is the name given to an extraterrestrial being or group of beings which a number of people claim to have channeled. George Van Tassel was likely the first to claim to receive an Ashtar message, in 1952. Since then many different claims about Ashtar have appeared in different contexts. On November 26, 1977 at 5:10 p.m. in the United Kingdom, a mysterious voice who called himself "Vrillon of the Ashtar Galactic Command" performed an illegal broadcast on live television during the height of an evening news program.

    Naga - See also

    Vastly spread in most Asian mythologic tales, the Nagas are half human half serpent beings, known to live in the underworld. Of curious character, they are only mean to humans if they are mistreated.

    Antediluvian rulers

    Most of the archeological records that mention the early rulers from different cultures, mention rulers that were of extreme longevity and lived before the Universal deluge. That is particularly the case of the 8 kings that ruled for 248,200 years before the flood, mentioned in the table of kings, cuneiform tablet dated 1827 BC.


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